Baba banda singh bahadur

The great warrior general of the Sikhs who conqured Sirhind and established the first Sikh Raaj in 1710. In memory of one of the greatest General of Sikhs we present a small mythical illustration of the Mighty Banda Singh Bahadar.

nawab kapur singh

The Mighty General who took the command of the Sikhs in times when SIkhs were being hunted in all of Punjab by the Mughal forces. Under the fearless leadership of Nawab Kapur Singh the sikhs again gained control over punjab. In memory of Nawab of Sikhs we present a mythical illustration. 

hari singh nalwa

The most feared and Brave general of the Sikh Empire who conqured areas of Afghanistan and expanded the Sikh Empire. There is no match of the Fearless General Hari Singh Nalwa , who killed a tiger with bare hands. In memory of the undefeated General Hari Singh Nalwa we present a mythical illustration.